Technology’s effect on our future is always changing and difficult to understand. Through exploratory process and emotionally compelling output, Eyebeam believes that artists can help us visualize and realize a more just future.
Eyebeam enables people to think creatively and critically about technology’s effect on society, with the mission of revealing new paths toward a more just future for all.

Eyebeam supports over 125 artists each year through its diverse programming, which includes the Eyebeam ResidencyStoryteller-in-ResidenceEyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism, and Eyebeam’s Education programs, as well as participants in our far-reaching and responsive engagement initiatives. These artists are paid at W.A.G.E. certified standards to help ensure that artists who are engaging society’s relationship with technology are compensated equitably.

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Open Call: Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism

The Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism (ECFJ) is a grant-making program that supports artists producing innovative and revelatory journalistic work for major media outlets.     

The funds distributed to artists will assist with research, travel, and other expenses many media outlets struggle to cover, allowing stories that are often out of reach in today’s climate to be produced. And, in an effort to be responsive to an ever-fluctuating news cycle, artists will be able to apply to ECFJ for support of their work on a rolling basis. Artists with longer-term, research-intensive projects are also encouraged to apply. Grant support will range from $500 to $5,000.

All applicants must read the ECFJ Open Call page before applying:


  • Individuals and collectives can apply. Collectives must have work samples that reflect a history of working together. 
  • International applicants are welcome. 
  • Applicants must have an existing commission letter from an editor.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • At this stage of the program, all applications must be in English.


ECFJ is a grant-making program that financially supports artists producing innovative journalistic work for major media outlets. Artists applying must have demonstrated track record of working with major media outlets. 

Artists creating work with a focus on the following issues are encouraged to apply: 

  • Data privacy 
  • 2018/2020 elections
  • Role of technology in society
  • Political influence campaigns
  • Interrogating harmful technologies
  • Countering disinformation 
  • Artificial Intelligence

Each applicant must provide: 

  • 300-word project description 
  • Assignment letter from editor
  • A reference contact or letter of support
  • Two samples of past work 
  • Detailed budget of expenses (travel costs, per diem and research costs are acceptable)

At this time, final pieces must be in English. 

All applications should be in alignment with Eyebeam’s core values of:  

  • Openness: All the work here is driven by an open-source ethos. 
  • Invention: We build on old ideas to generate new possibilities. 
  • Justice: Technology by artists is a move towards equity and democracy.

Equity and Inclusion

Eyebeam aims to create a hub for conversation and practice-sharing that is aware and responsive to systemic inequities in technology and invests in the meaningful inclusion of historically marginalized groups and voices. Eyebeam is committed to and values diversity in its organization and programs as defined by gender, race, ethnicity, disability-status, age, sexual orientation, immigrant status, and socioeconomic status. With a history rooted in innovation and collaboration Eyebeam’s programs are grounded in artist-community dialogue. Eyebeam supports the meaningful access to technology for everyone. 

Applications accepted on a rolling basis

For questions, please email and visit

In keeping with other organizations similarly supporting journalistic projects, if your project is one that takes you to a high-risk location, your media partner must abide by ACOS Alliance principles. More details here. Your media partner should also be fully responsibile for your endeavors.

Eyebeam accepts internship applications on a rolling basis from enrolled students who wish to obtain college credit for interning. Internships are accepted for the following departments:

  • Programs
  • Education
  • Communications/Media
  • Development & Fundraising

The internship comes with a stipend of $480 to cover travel over the time of the internship. We are able to assist in securing academic credit, and may furnish letters of recommendation or references as requested. 

Internships typically last 3 months for 2 days a week with flexible hours, for a total of no more than 150 hours. 

People of color, immigrants, women, LGBTQ people, disabled people, and members of other historically marginalized groups are especially welcome and encouraged to apply. Eyebeam is an equal opportunity employer.

Eyebeam is looking for teaching artists who are excited to share their craft!

We offer a mix of class and workshop experiences around art & technology throughout the year. We believe in experimental education and that every educational program at Eyebeam should be core to our values of openness, invention, and justice. 

What: Eyebeam Exchange (adults)
When: Classes are held on Saturdays April-June and September-October
Who: Exchange serves 15-25 students per session, mix of ages 18+ and previous experience levels with technology. 

What: Digital Day Camp (teens)
When: Two 2 week sessions between July-August
Who: Digital Day Camp serves appx. 40 high school students aged 13-18 with various levels of experience with technology.


All workshops will take place at Eyebeam, 199 Cook St. Brooklyn, an accessible space. For questions regarding accessibility, please contact J. Soto via email at or call (347)-378- 9163 x 1006 (voice only). 

What we are looking for:
Classes or workshops that teach skills and explore how technology impacts our lives. Especially helpful to keep in mind is this year's residency theme, TERMS OF REFUSAL:

  • Capital and consumer driven notions of technological innovation
  • “Win-or-fail” models of success and value
  • Technological waste and resource extraction which disproportionately harm low-income communities and people of color
  • Technology used to center pleasure and beauty for disabled people
  • Refusal as activism; recentering oppressed narratives
  • Climate justice as a guiding principle in the development of emerging technology
  • Ancestral knowledge and present reimaginings of technology
  • Histories of refusal as political action
  • Institutional power, influence, and accountability

We are seeking proposals for classes that uphold our guiding principals around education that;

  • Teach technology through art, encouraging self-expression, inquiry and life-long learning habits.
  • Engage students to think critically about technology and its use to further social justice, equality, and activism.
  • Empower students to use technology as a tool for creation, enabling them to be producers, not only consumers.
  • Teach fundamental technology concepts by pairing minimal materials with maximum impact.

We ask that teachers prepare a handout with additional resources for students so they can continue learning about these topics. 

For potential Digital Day Camp instructors: 

All programs/software used should be open-source, and workshops should take into consideration potential accessibility needs of students. Accessible documentation (with regards to screen reader accessibility, alt-text of images, and cognitively accessible language) of workshop syllabus, presentations, and resources will be expected, towards which Eyebeam will provide support and assistance. All documentation will be uploaded onto Github to be shared with a larger community of students and educators. Click here for a workshop template.

Unfortunately, Digital Day Camp 2020 is already filled for teachers, but please still apply if you want to be considered for future opportunities!

For more information on previous Digital Day Camp programs, please check out - For questions, please contact Yidan Zeng,

Twitter & Instagram: @eyebeamnyc