Eyebeam is looking for teaching artists who are excited to share their craft!

We offer a mix of class and workshop experiences around art & technology throughout the year. We believe in experimental education and that every educational program at Eyebeam should be core to our values of openness, invention, and justice. 

What: Eyebeam Exchange (adults)
When: Classes are held one Saturday per month (April-June, September-October)
Where: 199 Cook St in Bushwick, Brooklyn
Who: Exchange serves 15-25 students per session, mix of ages and previous experience levels with technology. 

What: Digital Day Camp (teens)
When: DDC runs for 2 weeks every July
Where: 2 Metrotech, @ NYU Tandon in downtown Brooklyn
Who: Digital Day Camp serves appx. 20 high school students aged 15-19 with different levels of experience w/ technology.

What we are looking for:
Classes or workshops that teach skills and explore how technology impacts our lives. Especially helpful to keep in mind is this year's residency theme of ACCESS. (https://www.eyebeam.org/access/)

We are seeking proposals for classes that uphold our guiding principals around education that;

  • Teach technology through art, encouraging self-expression, inquiry and life-long learning habits.
  • Engage students to think critically about technology and its use to further social justice, equality and activism.
  • Empower students to use technology as a tool for creation, enabling them to be producers, not only consumers.
  • Teach fundamental technology concepts by pairing minimal materials with maximum impact.

We ask that teachers prepare a handout with additional resources for students so they can continue learning about the topics they were introduced to. If you choose, we offer an additional stipend for you to document and share your class/workshop as an open source output to be shared with a larger community of educators. (example: https://github.com/eyebeam/curriculum/blob/master/TEMPLATE.md)

If any of this sounds exciting to you, please submit your workshop idea or drop us a line with any questions!

For more information on previous education programs, please check out - http://www.eyebeam.org/education/.